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Hermione Granger Stillness


Hermione Granger Stillness Icontest
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welcome & staff;
Welcome to hermione_stills. This is a LJ Icon community for Hermione Granger {from the Harry Potter universe}. We're a stillness community and every week the mods will give you, the participants (and occasionally the mods), three bases from which you will make icons. In addition, a theme challenge will be given, and you can make three icons that apply to the theme. (They are two separate challenges for one week, they are voted on separately.)

There are two moderators for this community at the moment.
- untapdtreasure  ginny_lv_harry -

Banners made by the mods & sitdownlegolas, rosalen_knight & untapdtreasure.


-for entering-

1. Absolutely no animated icons. This is a Stillness community.
2. Submissions must be anonymous. This means you can't advertise your icon and you can't ask friends to vote for you. No posting your icon anywhere else before voting has ended.
3. You must use the image base that is provided, and no other images of Hermione Granger.
4. Make sure your icons fit the lj size standards of 40K and 100x100 or smaller.
5. You must be a community member to participate.
6. Post your icon as a comment to the designated post for that week. {All comment's will be screened to retain anonymity}
7. Post the icons in a comment to the challenge post, in both IMG SRC form and URL form. Make sure to host them on a server that allows hotlinking! {Photobucket and ImageShack are good for these}
8. Try to post all your submissions in one comment; this makes it easier for the mods to post voting.

For example:


Easy enough. If you have any trouble with this, don't hesitate to ask.

-for voting-

1. You don't have to be a member to vote. Don't vote anonymously.
2. Vote for your favorite three icons. Voting will take place in the form of comments, and all comments will be screened.
3. Don't vote for your own icon. Doing so will result in one warning, and then removal from the community.
4. Votes will be tallied in a weighted system {i.e. if you vote for 1, 2, 3 {in that order for first to third}, 1 will be weighted with 3 points, 2 will be weighted with 2 points and 3 with 1 point}

* Every week, there will be an award given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
* Mod's will be choosing Mod's Choice as well.
* Winners will be given banners



- If you would like to affiliate with us, leave a comment in this post.
- We will affiliate as long as your community is active and regular

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