ginny_lv_harry (ginny_lv_harry) wrote in hermione_stills,

Challenge 199

Hermione Granger Bases:

Emma Watson Bases:

theme: MOVIE POSTERS!!! Any image of Hermione Granger in any HP Movie Poster.

[x] Make up to 3 icons for each the base section and theme challenge, for a total of up to 6 icons 9 icons.
[x] You may only use each base once.
[x] For the themed challenge, only images of HERMIONE are allowed. No Emma.
[x] No restrictions on brushes/textures... etc.
[x] Icons must follow rules set out in the userinfo.
[x] Don't forget to include a URL with your entries.
[x] Icons must remain anonymous until results are posted.
[x] Any questions, feel free to ask! (the userinfo is also very helpful)
[x] Have fun! ♥
[x] Your icons are due by Tuesday, February 28th by 10:00 pm central time!
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