June 1st, 2011

hermione_stills modpic

Mod's Note

Hello everyone!

We have not forgot about this community. At the moment the mod's have been busy with end of school/start of summer school schedules.

The next Challenge will be posted on Saturday, by myself, dani_meows or by untapdtreasure My niece is having her Graduation ceremony this Friday Night. Time flies, I knew she was a senior, but its just one minute she was born and the next she's graduating. (want to make congrats! kasey poster for her tomorrow night...haha-Nothing more embarrasing than family right...:D )

I was a senior in high school the year she was born, talk about time flying.

The banners for the last challenge will be posted sometime soon.

Just wanted to let you know we are still here.

Don't forget if anyone has any ideas for themes or want to make bases for hermione_stills just comment them on the ""donate bases"" link. (NOTE: WE COULD USE SOME HP & DEALTHY HALLOWS PART TWO TRAILER CAPS 'BASES'- if any one is interested.)

Thank you - the Mods