April 6th, 2011

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Challenge 185: EOWC challenge

Challenge 185: Eccentricly Odd Wizardry Challenge

Welcome to the Eccentricly Odd Wizardry Challenge or the EOWC. What is it you ask as you look over to the side bar to see that yes indeed it does say: hermione_stills.

It's a challenge that will run every other week, with a two week deadline just like a regular challenge, but things will be a little bit odd.

Themes may include HP Cast, Other Characters, Book oriented Themes, Odd and or eccentric rules, required textures and anything else that strikes the amusement of the mods.

It's a test run. Designed to encourage creativity, fun and participation.

Any questions? Ask and I'll think of an answer.


1. Absolutely no animated icons. This is a Stillness community.
2. Submissions must be anonymous. This means you can't advertise your icon and you can't ask friends to vote for you. No posting your icon anywhere else before voting has ended.
3. You must use the image bases that are provided, and no other images of Hermione Granger. (Unless otherwise indicated)
4. Make sure your icons fit the lj size standards of 40K and 100x100 or smaller.
5. You must be a community member to participate.
6. Post your icon as a comment to the designated post for that week. {All comment's will be screened to retain anonymity}
7. Post the icons in a comment to the challenge post, in both IMG SRC form and URL form. Make sure to host them on a server that allows hotlinking! {Photobucket and ImageShack are good for these}
8. Try to post all your submissions in one comment; this makes it easier for the mods to post voting.

Now onto Challege 185: Emma Bases and Texturize Me

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Icons due on April 20, 2011 at 11pm.

Six icons total: 3 icons from bases and three from the theme.

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